Yes we know! But it really is happening guys.

Sorry all pre-orders are now closed. This run of boots will be made available with priority to customers who pre-ordered by Sept 30th, and will be available publicly Wed 16th December at 12 noon London time.


In late 2015 when we launched Hutton boots we only planned a limited run. If I’m really honest, I just wanted to make sure I had a stock of the best quality desert boots to last wearing every day for the rest of my life.

We were taken by surprise by the demand.

That first 100 pairs sold out in just over 24 hours. So we did three more runs.

Acorn Sand Type O1? Wow!

When we did the follow up editions, the original colour Acorn Sand was unavailable for the kind of numbers we were producing.

This was super expensive vegetable tanned leather from a small tannery in the North of Italy where the minimums for order were just too high.

The Last Run?

After the last run in 2017, we closed the virtual doors but kept the website online just in case. Well, guys, that day has now come. Due to the amount of pressure from friends, family and past customers who really, really need to replace their original boots we looked again at the possibility.

The world is different in 2020

A bunch things changed since that last run. The £ sterling fell massively against the Euro, that plus the pandemic has increased the base cost by 60%. On and off we have considered the idea of more, but this time we got a tip off that there was actually a very small quantity of the Acorn Sand suede that the factory had picked up expecting refill order from Hutton that never came. Well, better late than never, right?

Tell us what size you would like

When we released the other colours we based our size orders on first, gut feeling, then on what you guys actually ordered. This time, we want to get even more precise. Here’s a link to a form where you can pre-order and choose your sizes and the number of pairs you would like – if possible.

Based on your answers we have a higher chance of getting the size runs right for each euro size.

And the best bit?

You don’t need to pre-pay, or give any card details.
This is research for our limited order from this deadstock suede so we can make the sizes our customers actually need.


The boots will be made. Being a very short run we have to fit in between the major customers of our factory but we should know production times by end of November, if not earlier.

Thanks for your support,



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