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Hutton Boots Coupon Code Discount FAQ

I've got my coupon, but I'm waiting to buy my boots - is there something I should know?

Sadly, you should probably grab the pair you'd like as soon as you possibly can.

Even when what you're eying is a product that's a part of our regular line rather than one of our limited edition lines, we often run out of particular sizes, and in the past have not been able to restock for many months.

While waiting is a good idea if you're not sure which particular pair of boots you want, if you know your size and colour/leather preference and it's currently in stock, we strongly advise not waiting, as sitting on a decision for too long is likely to mean others have taken the chance to buy the last remaining stock in your particular size, hence you may not get a chance at what you wanted for months upon months.

Can I use the Welcome coupon if an item is not in stock?

Looking for a coupon to Hutton Boots for a pair we don't currently have in stock?

Subscribe to our Back in Stock list and you'll get a coupon code when we finally do restock - as well as an immediate email once our stock numbers in your size & colour preference are updated.

How can you subscribe to our Back in Stock list? Navigate to the item you want. If the boots are out of stock you'll see a "Sold Out: Notify Me When Available" button where the "Add to Cart" button will typically be.

Click the Notify Me When Available button and fill in your information - your size, colour preference, etc, then submit.

That's it! You'll now get emailed the moment we restock our numbers - and will get your own exclusive Hutton Boots coupon code to say thank you for the wait!

I got a "Back in Stock" coupon and can buy the item I want in my size now. Should I wait?

A number of times we've seen customers in this kind of situation - where they waited on a model that was Back in Stock, thinking it would stay in stock for at least a week or two.

Sadly, sometimes we've misjudged demand - say because a few individuals on our Back in Stock list ordered two pairs rather than one because they wanted a spare, and those who waited just a little too long were left waiting for another restock.

Our advice for this reason is not to wait on products you know you want, even immediately after a restock. We do our best to keep up with demand, but sometimes this just hasn't proven to be possible.

I'm waiting for the best Hutton Boots coupon code / I saw a '60% Off Hutton Boots Coupon Code' link on another site: is this real?

We've noticed many websites pop up claiming they have valid 50% off or even 60% off coupon codes to Hutton Boots that you can redeem - we assure you these are not legitimate and will not work.

In fact, none of the coupon codes on these site are valid.

At Hutton, we only give out coupon codes to our email subscribers, whether it's the first "Welcome" coupon or a discount we send out to our list to promote a new product.

These coupon codes are exclusive to the individual as they are uniqlely generated for those on our email list, and are only able to be used once, so none of the codes on discount sites will work at checkout.

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