Playtime by Hutton

Handmade in Italy from the finest reverse calf suede and plantation crepe, our Playtime - just like the original Hutton Playtime - is unlined for superior comfort.

Unlike the original, the unique sole construction allows us to present a boot that is lighter, more flexible and instantly comfortable from the first wearing.

Shoe makers usually line shoes for two reasons. The first is to make the shoes more sturdy for wear. The second is to hide the fact that the leathers they are using - especially when it’s suede - are inferior.

But shoe linings make shoes stiffer and also mean they need hours of walking before your feet can ‘break them in.’

As we all know sneakers don’t need breaking in and that’s why the move towards comfort and away from traditional heavy leather soled shoes has been irreversible over the last decades.

If you take a regular pair of suede boots that are unlined, you will find the reverse (the inside of the boot) usually has a kind of pressed, flat look.

This is a technique that disguises the fact that the leather is soaked, expanded and then horizontally split into layers of ‘suede’.

True reverse calf uses superior high quality hides that would normally be used for the highest grade leather shoes made by the world’s top makers.

Why would we use the most expensive leathers available if we use the suede side - or rough out as it's sometimes called?

Because for Hutton, quality is everything.

Our Hutton Playtime is available in both tan welt and dark brown welt options (the welt being the thin leather line between the uppers and the crepe foxing).

Suede and crepe on both variants are identical; the only difference between the two is the welt colour.

Our Playtime chukka features natural, blonde crepe soles that become a stunning dark brown over time, aging like fine wine.

Pictured below, out of box versus after 7 months wear:

And yes, the soles do continue to darken past this point, the more you wear them.


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Hutton Type 01 Desert Boots

Desert boots the way they used to be made. Designed in England. Handmade in Italy.

Our Type 01s are handmade in a hundred year old family-owned factory where they've made desert boots since the 1960s.

At Hutton: We Opt for the Highest Quality Production & Materials

The vast majority of shoe companies in this present day and age have made a choice to continuously cut corners - both in terms of quality and production.

They do this to meet the ever-growing appetite of the average consumer for new products that are as cheap as physically possible.

It makes sense. In a world obsessed with fast fashion, the norm is to cater to those who want more for less.

We at Hutton are not interested in catering to these fashion trends. Instead, we believe in using premium materials and the highest quality production.

We don't cut corners, and we refuse to compromise on quality.

Our products are anything but fast fashion, and we will will always choose accept the ever-increasing cost of producing high-quality products over cutting corners and decreasing the quality of the final result for our consumers.

Hutton's Type 01 desert doots are the perfect example of this.

Our Type 01s feature our signature blonde crepe soles.

How do you know you have a Hutton in your hands? Turn the boot over, run your fingers along the blonde crepe soles.

Pure blond crepe is an exclusive material only found on the very finest footwear.

We even used blond crepe when the colorway calls for the edges to be stained (like our Black Sand).

Yes, many boots feature crepe soles, but not all crepe is created equal.

Most shoe companies these days will choose the cheapest crepe to use in the production of their shoes. It's done to check a box, so the consumer sees "crepe" and thinks of quality.

But when we choose our materials, we choose to skip past the bottom, we don't even choose second best - our blond crepe soles are, quite literally, the best of the best, the only option we see fit to use.

At Hutton, We Believe Products Should Be Ethically Made: Environmentally Friendly & Ethically Produced

All of our materials are responsibly sourced. Our boots are environmentally friendly as they are hand-made in Italy using locally sourced materials.

We use expensive, vegetable tanned leather that doesn't require heavy metals, such as chrome, in the process.

All the solvents used to make the boots are water-based, and doesn't poison the factory workers.

Even the stitching on every pair is made from cotton sourced from the same region as our factory.

We also believe in ethical compensation practices. The factory that makes our Type 01 desert boots employs workers on full contracts.

The cost of producing shoes in an ethical manner is not cheap, but we believe it is always worth the extra cost.

Quality at It's Finest Ensuring Uniqueness

Our boots are made and finished by hand, infused with the soul of the craftman, individual as the hands that made them.

The imperfections of handcrafted items are the visual proof of the craftman at work, the human hands that lovingly created the boots you hold in your hands.

To us, they are the definition of charisma and charm.

Our Type 01s come available in a variety of different colour and fabric options.

As well, every so often, we will make our Type 01s (as well as our other models) available in rare, incredibly unique materials, colours, and finishes, during our time-sensitive sprint runs.

These pre-ordered custom boots are exceptionally limited, as once the run is over, they most likely will never hit the market again.

Interested in learning more about our sprint runs? You can find an explanation of our sprint runs here, or browse through previous sprint runs.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to our list here so you don't miss out on future runs, which are incredibly quick and feature styles unlikely to return.


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