Here to learn about Hutton of Northampton's sprint runs?

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Let's get started with the obvious.

What is a sprint run?

Every so often, we drop lightning fast limited edition sprint runs on unique products.

Sprint runs are only available in limited numbers, and are only around for an extremely short period of time, then they're gone.

Sprint runs are variants, in colour, pattern, or material, of our regular line models, like the Hutton Playtime Chukka or the Hutton Type 01 Desert Boot.

Every so often, we also feature excusive sprint runs that are unique, like our collaboration run of 'The Oliver' by Hutton X Owen Barry 1948 Shearling Coat.

Can I see examples? What were your old sprint runs like?

You can a collection of all our past sprint runs by clicking on this link here.

I missed out on a sprint run, will it ever come back?

It is possible that a sprint run will come back, but we're sorry to say - for most - probably not.

Since we have so many ideas for future sprint runs, and want to get through as many as we can, we're unlikely to have a 'do-over' of a sprint run we've had in the past.

That being said - never say never, and if you'd like to be informed specifically about a sprint run that's no longer in stock, hit the "Sold Out: Notify Me When Available" button, fill in your information, and you'll be the first to know if this sprint run is ever back.

Again - this is incredibly unlikely, but you doing this does help us gauge interest in historical sprint runs on the off chance we choose to revive them.

We understand that not everyone would have been around for the launch of a particular sprint run, and so may consider creating re-issues of old sprint runs, however unlikely. So it certainly is worth filling in your information, albeit the fact that a revival of an old sprint run is against the odds.

Needless to say, you don't want to miss out on a sprint run, as if you hesitate, you likely won't get another chance at the product, even years down the line.

How can you know when our sprint runs drop?

The only guaranteed way: subscribe to our email newsletter:

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