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Size out of stock? 1 other way you should subscribe

While it's important to be susbcribed to our email newsletter so you don't miss out on deals, excusive products, and re-stocks, if you already know your size and the model of shoe you want, the absolute best way to make sure you're in the early running to get what you'd like is to subscribe to our Back in Stock list.

How can you do this? Simply navigate to the model you'd like, select your size, then hit the "Sold Out: Notify Me When Available" button and fill in your information.

Those on our Back in Stock list will automatically be emailed the moment new stock is listed - along with a coupon to say thank you for the wait.

Don't forget: just because we have an item back in stock, this does not mean we'll be able to maintain our stock levels long enough for you to be able to grab a pair in your size.

We absolutely do our best to make sure we have enough pairs, but in the past this has proven difficult for us to do, as those who have been waiting on a particular pair in their size for months (sadly for some, even years), can attest to.

What does this mean?

Decide what you want, and when it finally comes back in stock, don't hesitate, because you never know how fast our stock will disappear, and how long it will be before a restock.

While we have rough estimates - the sad reality is that we often unable to predict this ourselves.

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