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About Hutton of Northampton

Our Story

Hutton of Northampton is a three-generation family-owned business.

#welt color_dark brown welt
Playtime by Hutton
Sale price£465.00
Playtime by Hutton Havana Leaf Limited Edition 'Sprint Run'
#welt color_dark brown welt
Playtime by Hutton
Sale price£465.00
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Here at Hutton, Our products are proudly


Hutton proudly stands by handmade products that are manufactured in Italy & England.

You won't find a machine-perfect finish here.

To us, the imperfection of handcrafted items is the definition of their charisma and charm.

At Hutton, we offer products made with the

Highest Quality Materials

While it may seem counter-intuitive, the materials we choose for our products are the highest quality, like true reverse calf for our Hutton Playtime, which features superior leather hides that would normally be used for the highest grade leather shoes made by the world’s top makers.

Why bother using the most expensive leathers available if we use the suede side - or rough out as it's sometimes called?

Because at Hutton, quality is everything.

At Hutton, our products are always

Made to be Worn

While companies will often create products that present well out-of-box, here at Hutton we take pride in offering products that are made to be worn.

Our products are anything but fast fashion, and when we see a well-used pair, we take pride in the fact that they look better with age than the day they were bought.

There's character and charm in a quality item that's aged well, and creating products like this has and will always remain our purpose.

Learn more about our limited edition

Sprint Runs

Every so often we drop exclusive, made-to-order products in the form of a sprint run.

The products are custom made made expressly for our customers, and once they're gone, they're unlikely to ever return.