Introducing the Playtime by Hutton

Introducing the Playtime by Hutton

Today, Friday 28th of May, goes down in the books as the day we finally got to launch our heritage Playtime chukka.

The launch was a little delayed due to the nightmare that is Brexit and trying to negotiate the ‘frictionless trade agreement’ that in reality, is nothing but friction.

Because of the news that we need to move our fulfilment, and due to the decision to move it into the EU, our UK customers were given first go at the first run.

Why? Once the Playtime needs to be exported to the UK, like every other import, they will attract extra customs duties and taxes.

Playtime by Hutton

Even with the sales restricted to UK customers, we almost sold out of the first run just a few short hours after sending our early bird email (if you want to be alerted to restocks and new sprint runs, it's worth signing up; we always send out a coupon code with our early bird alerts).

We will be switching on international orders very soon with no restrictions on our usual shipping countries.

We at Hutton just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped us get to this historic moment, the relaunch of Playtime by Hutton.

In the UK? Thinking of grabbing a pair? Double check to make sure there is a pair still available in your size by clicking the link below.

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