Our First Model - Type 01 Desert Boots

Our First Model - Type 01 Desert Boots

This is our first Hutton Type 01 Desert Boot available only as a Limited Edition of 100 pairs.

When we visited our factory in Italy in November we wrote up the specification for our first issue of the Hutton Type 01 Desert Boot. We wanted to recreate the classic desert boots of the 1950s and 60s.

It was also very important to us to ensure the quality of materials was the absolute best available. The factory was pleased to hear this because so many desert boots today are made to a rock bottom spec and made to sell as cheaply as possible.

The marketplace is full of cheap desert boots, but we know from experience that there's a market of buyers like you who are looking for the best, when only the best will do.

We have to say, when the first sample pair (pictured above) arrived at our office it was exactly as we had imagined. We didn't need to change a thing. Only a factory with Italian craftsmen that have been making superior quality desert boots for decades could have produced our sample without needing tweaks.

The last shape, the fit, the colour and the finishing are all exactly as we hoped for and we're proud to reintroduce the legendary Hutton name with this boot.

Our first Type 01 model limited to 100 numbered pairs.

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