First & Absolute *Last* Chance! Playtime Cognac Leaf

First & Absolute *Last* Chance! Playtime Cognac Leaf

Not going to lie, we loved the Playtime in Cognac Leaf so much we were hoping to be able to be able to make it a regular in the Hutton lineup.

But our luck was cut short when we found out that this very first run of the stunning Cognac Leaf leather would also have to be our very last run in this leather as well.

*(Fair warning, there are very low quantities left, so you need to act now if you want a pair in your size..)

It's a little bit heartbreaking, but the reason behind this is not something we can control.

Actually, the very same thing has happened to us before - if you remember our classic Type 01 Desert Boots in Acorn Sand?

Many wanted a pair of these incredible boots in their size, but while we would love to have brought them back, we physically cannot re-issues these boots because the tannery that made this particular leather closed its doors for good.

The same is true for the Cognac Leaf leather, and so we decided to release these incredible boots in the form of a Sprint Run, but unfortunately one that can, for certain, never have a second run.

Once the sizes we have in stock are gone, they are gone for forever.

There is no way we have enough in all sizes for everyone who wants one, but you may still be able to grab a pair in your size if there happens to be one or two left.

The Back in Stock list did have advance notice, but there's still a chance to grab one in your size if you act now...



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