Two New Limited Edition Desert Boot Colours Launched Today!

Two New Limited Edition Desert Boot Colours Launched Today!

We know we've been absent for some time.

In fact, our last product launch was way back in March 2016, before Brexit caused the GBP to crash and burn.

We thought we'd wait it out and see how things got towards the end of the year, by which time we had a deafening shout from existing and would-be customers - 'we want more Hutton boots!'

Sahara Sand 'Type 01' Limited to 100 pairs

Well, we listened and went back to basics for our new Sahara Sand Ltd Edition Type 01 boots.

A truly great vintage colour - a variation of sand, of course, this time a with a touch of mousey grey beige.

Natural un-dyed crepe soles of course. These are limited to 100 pairs and are already selling fast.

New Black Sand 'Type 01' Limited to 50 pairs

While we were at it, we couldn't ignore a further cry from our customers - 'we want them in black!'

Well, our original idea was 'any colour so long as it's sand' but of course there are such things as black sand volcanic beaches, right?

So, our latest 'Black Sand 'Type 01' Desert Boots were born.

And, whilst beige and tan may be the most prolific colours for desert boots throughout the ages, there have been some high profile wearers of black suede desert boots even amongst the ivy fraternity.

After all, who can forget Anthony Perkins mopping up Janet Leigh's blood in the bathroom of Cabin No1 in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho?

Well, when you've seen the movie as many times as we have, it's the clothes and shoes you look at. Sorry, Janet.

Truth be told, the black suede version of our cult 'Type 01' boot is pretty special.

Like all our other colours, the boots are vegetable tanned leather, the soles are natural crepe, but this time we asked the factory to darken off the edges a little to give them a 'noir-ish finish'.

Perfect with dark coloured corduroy or knocking about in vintage Levis.

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By the way, as we always promised, everyone on our mailing list got early bird access to ensure they could get their sizes before we went public, and a 20% discount on top of that.

Sales during the early bird preview were brisk to say the least, but there are plenty left for sale if you weren't on the list yet.

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