They've Arrived! Photos of Our Hutton Playtime Havana Leaf Tumble Grain Leather Sprint Run

They've Arrived! Photos of Our Hutton Playtime Havana Leaf Tumble Grain Leather Sprint Run

Our first ever sprint run, where you could pre-order the Hutton Playtime in Havana Leaf made with Tumble Grain Leather, was both launched and closed to new orders back in November of 2021.

Back then, you had to use your imagination to picture how these bad boys would look, as all we had was a shot of the material to go by since these handmade boots were going to be completely made-to-order for those who wanted them.

We're no longer imagining how these will look!

We finally have Havana Leaf limited edition chukka boots in our hands - and on our feet!

And the vast majority of those who ordered have already got their pairs as well (the last few should be going out this week).

Here are some shots of what these chukkas look like on:

Handmade (and hand-oiled!) in Italy by incredibly skilled craftsman, it's hard to describe the incredible charm of these boots.

The hand oiled 'pullup' leather means that if you push your finger into the leather, or even when you're simply walking (with the movement of your feet), the oil content shifts, resulting in unmistakable character that's unique to these handmade boots.

You can think of this like the 'whiskering' on your favourite Japanese denim.

Nothing quite like it.

Needless to say, we love our own, and we hope those of you pre-ordered are loving yours just as much as we do ours.

The fact that these chukkas were a sprint run means they may never hit the market again.

While we'll never completely write off repeats of sprint runs entirely, they're a possibility that's incredibly unlikely.

Because we have so many plans for colours and fabrics we would like to do sprint runs for, the chances of us going back to do one again is very slim.

And for many colours and fabrics - not at all likely to happen.

Since we're planning on doing sprint runs every so often, there will definitely be many other chances to get unique boots - but to get a repeat of a style in particular?

You're probably out of luck entirely.

If you had your heart set on these, sad to say, you're probably not going to be able to get your hands on a pair (unless you can somehow convince someone who managed to pre-order a pair in your size to part with theirs, scoring it secondhand).

Bad news for those who missed out.

And so - needless to say - making sure you hear the news straight from us when sprint runs come 'round is why it's so important to be sure you're subscribed to our email list for updates.

Our sprint runs happen quickly, and if you missed hearing about the news because you missed our social media updates for a couple weeks (say, due to the shoddy Facebook or Instagram algorithm!), chances are you're flat out of luck and may have missed out on the sprint run that just so happened to be the perfect look for you.

We choose unique colours and fabrics for our sprint runs, though we never compromise on quality.

And of course, as we've explained many times before, these shoes are handmade and have even been oiled by hand in a hundred year old family-owned factory where they've made boots since the 1960s.

Our shoes being made by humans and not machines mean there are sometimes incredibly minor imperfections, which we believe add to the charm and appeal of the shoe.

It's not something you can easily put in words - but the character is apparent when you look at each pair that comes out of the factory.

Charm that's hard to deny.

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