The Playtime by Hutton, Tumbled: A Hyper Exclusive Sprint Run of the Hutton Playtime

The Playtime by Hutton, Tumbled: A Hyper Exclusive Sprint Run of the Hutton Playtime

Guys, it’s that time of year when all things turn to boots. And, of course, at Hutton of Northampton boots are on our minds all year around, but never more so than fall/winter.

This year we want to bring you something special. A limited edition of our legendary Playtime in a tough but supple leather called ‘tumble grain’.

‘What is tumble grain?’ we hear you cry.

Premium grade skins are first tanned using eco processes and then placed in huge drums like industrial washer/dryers and literally tumbled into a kind of distress that creates the unique grain appearance. Unlike stamped leathers like pebble grain which are created by pressing the skins with a hot iron and a mould form of ‘grain’ pattern, the grain in tumble grain is organic. For this reason the skins end up soft and supple but with extended durability.

Here’s an image of what our Playtime Havana Leaf colourway looks like.

Like a baby elephant’s ear! Just like those vintage ‘exotic’ leathers of the past like, wild boar, and rhinoceros.

We’ve opted for the 'matte' unpolished version of this premium leather, as shown in the image above.

What does that mean?

Well by definition the leather is being tumbled, right? So, with that process comes a whole bunch of natural effects, marks, striations (look it up) and, well we believe…. Just pure character.

Sometimes, factories will polish the surface of the tumbled leather to hide some of those effects. We love them, and we think you will, too. Plus, you can always use boot polish yourself instead of a neutral creme when you clean them.


These boots are made to order for you and so they don’t yet exist - that’s why we’re showing you an example of the ACTUAL leather but not yet on on of our Playtime chukkas.

You will need to use some imagination as to what the boots will look like.

Meanwhile here's a photo of Anthony Perkins wearing a leather version of Hutton Playtime in the early 60s.

Here’s the Playtime chukka we currently sell.

And here's the Havana Leaf Tumbled Grain once again.

We think you can imagine the rest.

The model is the same, with the same sizing and fit as our suede models, just with that extra built ruggedness for the more inclement months. The iconic rolled welt will be 'dark' to match the leather.

This is a limited edition sprint run available only for 14 days.

How does a sprint run work?

We take advance orders up to the limited number of pairs we will make. 
You must choose your size.

Once we have enough orders to send to the factory we will give you an estimated delivery date.

If for any reason the minimum order for the factory is not reached, your payment will be refunded in full, but we really don’t envisage that happening.

Due the nature of sprint runs being made to order there are no refunds for sizing issues or variables in the natural marks and grain that will appear in tumble grain products.


Can I order more than one pair?
Yes, of course. They may never be offered again in this colourway or material, so if this is your thing, order a backup pair to be safe.

Will you ship to any country? 
We will ship to the UK from the UK so no VAT and customs issues. 
We ship to the EU from within the EU so no VAT and customs issues
If you are outside of the EU or UK we will ship from the most logical place at the time of completion by the factory. If for some reason you don’t see your destination listed please email

How many pairs are in a sprint run?

The pairs are limited to the number shown on each sprint run campaign

I only just saw this sprint run but the date has passed, can I still make an order?

Sorry, once the order is filled there can be no additions and these boots will not form part of the regular stock. Only the pairs ordered will be made.


Check out the Playtime by Hutton Havana Leaf Limited Edition Sprint Run here:

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