You Asked, We Listened: Hutton Playtime with Dark Brown Welt

You Asked, We Listened: Hutton Playtime with Dark Brown Welt

A lot of you have made requests for the rolled welt on our Hutton Playtime to be offered in a darker colour.

You asked, we listened.

Presenting the Playtime by Hutton with a twist, this time with a welt in dark brown:

Some smart folks on social media have already noticed the colour difference in the pictures we've been sharing.

While it may look a little grey in some pictures, we can assure you the colour is dark brown - but sometimes the overcast weather we've been getting has drowned out the warm tones of the brown.

Why such a dark colour & not a lighter brown that matches the English Tobacco?

We've seen a few people ask this, and the answer is simple, though twofold:

  1. With age, the colour of the welt should scuff nicely, in the same way the crepe 'foxing' around the soles gets nice and 'fluffy' with wear.
  2. The colour of the blonde crepe becomes a dark brown over time as well, as you can see in a lot of the pictures we share on social media of worn-in Playtime chukkas.

Here's an example of only a few months wear:

And here's what the soles look like up close out of box versus after 7 months wear:

We're all about making sure your boots look the best they can as they age, not simply out of box.

Want to see more pictures of the new welt colour? You can see more images of the Hutton Playtime in English Tobacco with Dark Brown Welt here.

I want to check out, but my size is gone

We let those who were waiting (many for months) for their size to return Back in Stock about the new dark brown welt first - and sadly, we didn't have enough stock in some sizes, so we are out of a few.

If you're interested in being notified when your size is available again, hit the "Notify Me When Available" button under the Sold Out button, and fill in your information.

You'll be the first to know and will get a coupon code when your size is available.

Coupon code?

Those who were subscribed to our email newsletter in time for the blast when we first introduced the new dark brown welt got a coupon straight to their inbox.

If you're interested in hearing the news first & getting coupon codes when we have new products, sign up to our email newsletter here.

I'm interested, show me more!

We have to mention - no promises on sizes staying in stock for long.

As we've already seen with the sizes that are sold out, sometimes we misjudge demand and are out of sizes much more quickly than we anticipated.

Have a closer look at the Hutton Playtime in English Tobacco with Dark Brown Welt & if you like what you see, check out before we're out of stock in your size:

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