Comfort of Hutton Boots VS Clarks Originals: Type 01 or Clarks Desert Boots, Which Are More Comfortable?

Comfort of Hutton Boots VS Clarks Originals: Type 01 or Clarks Desert Boots, Which Are More Comfortable?

The other day, we got a question on an Instagram post of ours from @dj_noodles_rotating_heavy who asked:

"Are your boots more comfortable than CO’s? I’ve a few pairs and as cool as they are they are torture chambers!"

Obviously, it's one thing for us to answer this ourselves - as the company that makes the shoes of course we would respond that they're more comfortable (especially since we make our boots with comfort in mind, as well as quality of course).

But it's another thing when those who have bought Hutton boots say it.

Our customers have no reason to lie about the comfort of our products, and since the vast majority have had Clarks Originals/Clarks Desert Boots in the past, they'd be excellent judges of whether or not the comfort levels are similar or different, and who takes the lead.

So we took to Instagram, screenshotting the question, and asking those who have bought Hutton boots in the past whether they could answer @dj_noodles_rotating_heavy's question about Hutton versus Clarks Original comfort on our behalf.

Asking customers Hutton boots versus Clarks Originals on comfort

Here's the post in case you'd like to see it on Instagram, and here's what our post read:

Can we get a few opinions on this?

Obviously, you know what we'd say about our own boots (we make 'em the way we like 'em - comfortable!), but it means so much more coming from you guys!

What do you think - are Hutton Type 01 desert boots more comfortable than Clarks Originals? How about the Playtime? How do Huttons compare to Clarks comfort wise, in your opinion?

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We got a slew of responses from people explaining in their own words what they see as the differences between Huttons and Clarks Originals - especially when it comes to comfort.

Here are the responses:

"I was a long time CO’s wearer and now that I own Huttons, I’ll never be able to go back to the discomfort of Clarks. And yes, they look significantly better as far as I am concerned." @glengarrysportingclub

* * *

"Huttons all the way
I have both Playtime and type 01
Look and fit a million times better than CO
I’ve even sold me all my CO boots pointless sitting in my wardrobe doing nothing 😂 👍👍💙" @andycroucher52

* * *

"I have worn my playtimes every day this week, they are the the most comfortable shoes I've owned. 01's are super comfortable too but I tend to wear those at the weekends because they improve any trouser." @mrjoewoolley

We'd have to agree with you, Joe. While we find our Type 01s ridiculously comfortable, nothing beats the comfort of our Hutton Playtime.

They are definitely the most comfortable shoes we've ever worn, too, and when we see our customers sometimes refer to them as "feeling like you're wearing slippers," we can't help but agree.

* * *

"Not only are Type 01 more comfortable but aesthetically better looking. The crepe on CO’s looks like polystyrene and I don’t mean the singer !!" @jeffries_passage

* * *

"Infinitely more comfortable And better looking too" @jonahjonahfalco

* * *

"CO’s seem to be everywhere ,used to always wear em, love the Huttons cooler more comfortable & very very contest 👏" - @louissylvian

* * *

"I have loads of pair of Clark’s Original desert boots and the Hutton Playtime are way more comfortable, and far better made than Clark’s Original desert boots. I don’t own a pair of Hutton Type 01 unfortunately, but I am in no doubt that they are also far better made and way more comfortable. Clark’s are made in Vietnam and China and Hutton’s are made in Italy, where the Italians have a long great history or shoe manufacturing, I know which I’d choose! Plus Hutton’s customer service is second to none!" @warrenbass66

* * *

"I own quite a lot of shoes. Since I’ve bought my Huttons Playtime all I can say is that I’m having a hard time not wearing them almost every day !" @randomcheeringstuff

After reading through the posts, dj_noodles_rotating_heavy resonded: "Looks like an investment is going to happen"

We can't wait to see what he thinks when he finally gets his own pair!

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