Our Type 01 Desert Boots In a Brand New Colour: Nevada Sand

Our Type 01 Desert Boots In a Brand New Colour: Nevada Sand

Many of you have been asking us to bring out our Type 01 Desert Boots in new colours, and it's finally happening.

Introducing... Our Type 01 Desert Boots in Nevada Sand:

They're a stunning colour that's really hard to describe, and, to our eyes, seem to glimmer gold in the sunlight.

(Straight out of camera, Nevada Sand in shade on top, Nevada Sand in direct sunlight on bottom):

Crazy cool colour, we've never seen anything like it. So we had to release it.

While this boot is not limited edition it is incredibly limited in number and we won't be restocking for a long time, as we have so many colours we want to bring out.

So please, if you're feeling this particular colour, do yourself a favour and grab a pair in your size before it's gone, because it could be well over a year before we refill sizes, as those waiting for a particular variant of our Playtime chukka (tan welt!!) already know.

Interested in having a closer look? We have photos of this bad boy in comparison to our Acorn Sand & Sahara Sand Type 01s showcased in our product listing, so be sure to take a peek here!

Speaking of Sahara Sand, we've been teasing a comeback for a while, and for those of you who were anticipating the re-launch, yes they will be coming, although it will take longer than we thought.

Essentially, we had ordered these amazing new coloured boots as well as the Sahara Sand, expecting to get the Sahara Sand first, but these absolutely stunning new boots showed up before our re-issued Saharas.

Remember, there are very limited numbers available and we won't be restocking this colour any time soon - so grab 'em while you still can!

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