Sprint Run Alert! 1 Week Only: Type 01s Havana Leaf Limited Edition

Sprint Run Alert! 1 Week Only: Type 01s Havana Leaf Limited Edition

Before we even finished our lightning fast sprint run for our Playtime in Havana Leaf we've been receiving requests for our Type 01s to be released in the same leather.

Today - we finally deliver.

Introducing... until October 4 - for just one week as a custom-made, no-return, pre-order only...

Our Type 01 Havana Leaf Limited Edition Sprint Run:

You can view even more photos of this stunner in the product listing here.

Remember, these boots are a sprint run that will only be around in the form of a pre-order until October 4.

Then they're gone, never to return again, most likely forever.

Curious about our sprint runs? Read more about them here.

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About Our Type 01 Desert Boots Havana Leaf Limited Edition 'Sprint Run'

Way back when, we did a sprint run of our Playtime in tumbled grain leather. When we launched that sprint run, you couldn't even see what the end result looked like - all we had was an image of the leather, and you had to imagine it.

When the boots were shipped out to those who pre-ordered a pair, it was obvious they were a masterpiece. You can see images of the resulting Playtime Havana Leaf by clicking here.

Now the leather is back - this time in the form of a Type 01 sprint run, and luckily, this time with pictures so you can see the final result.

Featuring our signature high-quality crepe soles, stained by being brushed by hand on the sides to match the look of the stunning leather, this sprint run is one you won't want to miss out on.

Sizing of Our Type 01 Havana Leaf

Runs a little small.

Our Havana Leaf Type 01s are the same size as our suede Type 01s, except this type of leather will not stretch as much as our suede Type 01 Desert Boots.

If you typically have to stretch out your suede Type 01s, size up, especially as these are more wintery/intended for cooler weather, meant to be worn with heavier socks. Again, as usual - if in doubt PLEASE SIZE UP.

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