This New Playtime Just Hit the Block (Playtime Robusto Leaf)

This New Playtime Just Hit the Block (Playtime Robusto Leaf)

We've been promising new colourations of our classic Playtime chukka & Type 01 desert boots, and while we've been delivering, the past few releases have been eye catching sprint runs that would not necessarily be a perfect match for any outfit you happen to pull out of your closet.

We figured that meant it was time to revisit the basics - releasing some more options for those looking for boots that will match pretty well near everything. Boots that would manage to be staple pieces in nearly everyone's wardrobe.

First up? Our Hutton Playtime in Robusto Leaf. This pair is a personal favourite for us and is already available for purchase as we speak.

Playtime by Hutton Robusto Leaf

The catch is that we only have limited numbers available right now, and while we do plan on re-stocking eventually - as those who have been on the waitlist for a particular size of a particular model and keep missing out on restocks by the skin of their teeth will tell you - it's probably not worth the wait if you're into them.

Now, if you remember, we released this particular leather before, on our Type 01 Desert Boots.

Not going to lie, we rushed to add the Playtime in this leather to our collection only once we fell in love with the leather on the Type 01s. It was love at first sight with the Robusto Leaf leather, but as they wore in - wow.

Here's the leather after some wear on the Type 01 Robusto Leaf...

You can see why we were pretty smitten.

And here's how the leather looks like after a bit of wear on the Playtime..

There's no way these won't continue to look better and better with age.

Rugged and yet somehow refined, these waxed leather boots are perfect - if imperfect and filled with character is the look you're after.

They scuff and age in such a way that the more wear you have on them, the more attractive they look.

We're not sure how fast these will go, so to be on the safe side, double check to make sure there are enough left in your size by clicking below.



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